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The information on NIBP cuff and blood pressure

How to Have Accurate BP Measurement at Home

In recent years, the incidence of hypertension has become higher and higher. Hypertension has become a common disease, especially for some middle-aged and elderly. It will be more troublesome to go to the hospital for them. Generally, they will buy a blood pressure monitor at home. To measure blood pressure, will it be accurate to measure blood pressure with BP Cuffs at home?

Generally, we need to pay attention to these points when measuring blood pressure at home. Otherwise, there will be errors in the measurement results. The following points need to be paid attention to when measuring blood pressure to get an accurate result.

1. Have the blood pressure measurement on the upper right arm

Many of us never pay attention to which arm for measurement, the left upper arm or the right upper arm.  It is better to have a blood pressure measurement for both arms if it is the first time for BP measurement. And the following up monitoring is on the right arm because the blood pressure of the right upper arm will be higher than the left upper arm. If we use the left arm for bp reading, it can cause a lower blood pressure reading. Accuracy affects our judgments about health.


2. We have to record it as how much as it is instead of a rounded-up value

Many people sometimes do not remember the specific value when measuring blood pressure. They habitually round up or down to whole numbers, which leads to inaccurate measurement results. Some people have high blood pressure. If we rounded down the recording, it perhaps becomes normal blood pressure. Therefore, the reading of blood pressure measurement must be an accurate value. And we cannot be rounded to the nearest integer.


3. Do not just roll up your sleeves and measure blood pressure

Generally speaking, people wear thin clothes in spring and summer. Rolling up sleeves when measuring blood pressure will not affect the measurement results. However, people wear thicker clothes in autumn and winter. If you roll up your sleeves to measure blood pressure, the sleeves will cause blood vessels to a certain extent. Compression affects the accuracy of the measurement results. Therefore, people can take off their coats and wear autumn clothes to measure blood pressure in autumn and winter.


4. The measurement time is best to choose the fasting state in the morning or between 4 and 6 p.m.

Generally, we don’t pay attention to the time when measuring blood pressure at home and take the measurement whenever we want. It can easily affect the blood pressure measurement results. We have relatively high blood pressure from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. or 4 p.m. to 6 P.M. Thus, the blood pressure measured at these two-time points will be more accurate. If we want more accurate results, you can take the average of the two measurements.


When measuring blood pressure at home, we must pay attention to the above points. The measurement results will be more accurate. Hypertension is a chronic disease and generally cannot be cured. The key lies in the usual blood pressure control. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor our blood pressure. Only we have a correct understanding of our physical condition. Then we can take good care of our bodies.

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